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"I’m going on an adventure!""No you aren’t, come eat your fruit.""mOOOMMMM"




"I’m going on an adventure!"
"No you aren’t, come eat your fruit."

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If you can’t have fun when you sweat, what’s the point? :)

My gangsta face needs work, but who cares? I’m awesome.

Play-outs over Work-outs y’all.

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Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.
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lightweight-daydream replied to your post:I had a brainwave about pain this evening. I purposefully skip mine with the pill (unless utterly necessary) it’s not worth the pain/flare :(

Ha, Ha. ha ha ha 

If I were to skip it, it would be at least a dozen times worse…..

I had a brainwave about pain this evening.

In the past two months my periods have been so much worse than normal. For the past two days my hips have felt like they are half way to dislocating, all the bones and joints in my pelvis have felt like they have been on fire. My cramps have been much worse and my back has gone after my belly has gone.

It occurs to me, that this if the first time in two plus years I’v been off the panadeine forte. So the first time in two plus years that I’ve had the pain that comes with my cycle in the way I used to. Which means the crazy pain that is going on right now, is probably an updated version of what I used to feel. 

Joy oh joy, I’m so glad I get to feel this pain again… 

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You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. -Margaret Thatcher

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Between 15 and 60 percent of people with a chronic illness will experience clinical depression.
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I’m scared


I’m scared that one night you’ll go out and meet someone not because your looking but because she’s there and your there and you’ll hit it off. And you’ll realize that you two have more in common and that you really do deserve someone a lot better then me. Someone who isn’t so messed up, someone who’s past is more acceptable and someone who can be there with you all the time. Someone you really do deserve.

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I am now a fan of whatever sport this is


I am now a fan of whatever sport this is

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fuck people just get small pets. kitties wont mock ur anxiety disorder. puppies dont mind if u arent heterosexual. that hamsters not gonna misgender u all that hamster cares about is sunflower seeds and toilet paper tubes and wheels. i love animals.

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