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My January… I almost feel like I shouldn’t count the times where I only get to go out for a walk as a workout. But then I feel like a dick for beating myself up and I think I should just chill and be proud of what I have been able to do… 

Man Friend and I went for a walk today… I don’t hurt, I’m actually so pleased with myself I’m kinda doing a happy dance in my head.

Extra Exercise Today

I did an Arm workout after trying on the dress I’m thinking I’ll wear for Man Friend’s brothers wedding… 

  • Chest Press on Swiss Ball
  • Fly on Swiss Ball
  • Arms to 45deg on Swiss Ball
  • Reverse wood chop
  • Deadlifts
  • Highpulls
  • Bicep Curls 
  • Shoulder Press
  • Tricep Extensions

I only did one round with the 2kgs which is the strongest weights I have at home, but I’m going to rest a bit and then do another round of them… 

I’m going to aim for three rounds today… and then a walk… I need to work on my form but you know… its a start, and a lot of this stuff I’ve done with my PT so, I know that I’m okay with a fair bit of it. 

So my ‘15 minutes’ on the Wii turned into half an hour…

But but but but I was good, I ONLY did balance games and none where I was really straining my muscles… and the stupid fuckers woke me the fuck up!!! 

I’m hoping this will be a step along the process to sending me back to sleep…

I also had a brain fart of a really good blog post for something I’m working on… if it ever comes to light then you better believe I’ll let you know about it… 

Now lets just wish I can go from being awake to being super freaking tired… I hope this works… 

Might have over done it a bit…

So, ‘lite’ workout today, half hour wii fit and 40 minutes bike (watched greys again). Max BPM 160 average BPM 121 and I was above 127 for 20 minutes of it… Total cal 565… So not too bad.

Crashed on couch…. Will need help with shower… Boo hiss

Today’s Workout

Half an hour of Wii Fit and Half an hour on the bike :

Max BPM 178

Average BPM 135

I was above 127 BPM for 55 of the 60 minutes

dripping with sweat… can’t wait for my shower…. (but boy is the breeze nice)…. 

Because of the no money for rehab and too much pain I’ve been using Wii Fit to do my workouts

Because the one time I did a proper work out without my PT there to help me with modifications for when I can’t do things I was in bed for 5 days, I’m not using Gain Fitness or NTC or anything like that just yet…

So today, was half an hour, a mix of cardio and yoga stuff and I burnt 323 cal, max BPM was 173 and my BPM was over 127 for 22 of the 30 minutes…

Thats pretty good for a wii fit work out.. 

I did look at the bike, and then I looked at the time and decided it wasn’t happening, but maybe tomorrow.

Work out today, PT plus a walk to the pt was 378 cal.

And I’m betting work today was probably the same if not a few hundred more….. Soooo busy… But good….

Gym was pretty awesome today

Gotta build up strength so I can rip out push ups and sit ups properly!!!! 

Its so frustrating not being able to do them!!!

Ugh ….

First time I’ve been back in the gym since before I left for the show and let me tell you I’m feeling it!!!

Last night was stretch class that was just torture and I woke up stiff as a plank. I hit my first PT session with my regular trainer since August (she has been overseas) and she was in flying form!!! It was not quite brutal but it sure wasn’t pretty. I totally loved it.

But now, as I crawl into bed and ponder a Pilates class tomorrow, I realise just how bloody sore I am….

This is so amazingly relevant to me… its gotta be useful!!!!!

(Reblogged from getstrong-getfit)

I just spent 40 minutes at the Hydrotherapy pool…

40 deg water and hugely strong spa jets… 25 minutes stretching and 15 minutes of massaging my glutes and ITband on the jets (my glutes are still very tight and sore from the pinched nerve last week). 

Its so amazingly good but it saps all my energy.. am now laying on the couch like a zombie… thinking I need to stay up at least another three hours so I can sleep almost the night through…. 

Today I have done a 30 minute PT session, 40 minutes on the bike and I’m just getting ready to go back to the gym for a 40 minute stretch class. I AM THE BOMB!!!

So I Killed the bike… 80 minutes with some basic arm work at the same time (Playing with my new thero-band), did some push ups (HA) and now its all grey and overcast outside… so I had a long shower and am going to go and finish icing the lemon cake I made…

Man Friend was really surprised when I made him taste the batter without any butter or oil and how ‘normal’ it tasted… next step - get rid of the sugar…. 

Though, I’m playing with fondant for the first time ever… there is no healthy way to do that other than moderation, but I think I can handle that!!!

I know I usually post this at the end of the month but I’m so excited about my work outs this month, I know I had given myself the month with no responsibilities and this is what comes from it. Above and beyond that, I’m so sore, crazy sore… But I’m trying to treat my pain differently, I’m not just avoiding all work because I’m sore, I’m going lower intensity for longer….. It seems to be working but I’m trying to not get my hopes up… Keep your fingers crosses for me!!!